UK charities

There are approximately 164,000 registered charities in the UK - these range from small, local community groups to large national and multinational household name charities, grantmaking trusts and foundations, schools and hospitals for the public benefit.


Charity Trends and the Top 500 charities


For many years, working with the Charities Aid Foundation, we produced an index of the top 500 charities annually - their income, expenditure, and general performance. This publication had various names, starting with "Dimensions of the Voluntary Sector" and later morphing into "Charity Trends". This annual analysis allowed us to track charities year-on-year - both individually for benchmarking purposes and en masse to judge how the whole sector was doing. As such it was an indispensable annual report.

Armed Forces Charities

Despite the attention given to our armed forces during the centenary of the First World War, new data shows signs that the number of armed forces charities and the amount of money donated to them are in decline. This Directory of Social Change report explores the complex world of armed forces charities - over 2000 of them, and concludes that this sub-sector is efficient, effective and under threat...